The Baltic Sea Labour Forum is the only cooperation body where trade unions, employer organisations, parliament and governmental organisation representatives work together to create sustainable regional labour markets within in the Baltic Sea Region.

To date we are 28 member organisations from 8 countries, involving the Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference Secretariat (BSPC) and the Council of the Baltic Sea States Secretariat (CBSS). We are welcoming the interest in our work and are therefore inviting interested institutions and networks from around the BSR to apply for an observer status. Nine institutions are currently involved as an observer in our Baltic Sea Labour Forum.

We are focusing currently on the working areas youth employment and mobility of labour. Both subjects are of particular importance for the labour market development and consequently for the sustainable economic growth in the Baltic Sea Region.

The work of the Baltic Sea Labour Forum is supported by the project “Cross Border Information Management in the Baltic Sea Region” which is partly financed by CBSS Project Support Facility (July 2013 – July 2014).

Previously, the work of the Baltic Sea Labour Forum was partly financed by the European Commission; DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, Budget Heading INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS AND SOCIAL DIALOGUE, from November 2011 till January 2013.