15 June 2017 CBSS Labour Ministers Meeting in Berlin

High Level representatives of the Labour Ministries of the CBSS Member States met on the 15th of June 2017 in Berlin, Germany under the auspices of the Icelandic Presidency of the CBSS, at the venue of the City of Hamburg Representation.

The meeting was opened by Mr. Þorsteinn Víglundsson, Minister of Social Affairs and Equality of Iceland and was held as a part of the joint event with the Baltic Sea Labour Forum (BSLF) Annual Round Table. As grounds for discussion, the Policy Recommendations’ paper on issues related to the labour market, based on proposals from BSLF Members, representing both trade unions and employer’s organisations in the Baltic Sea countries, Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference (BSPC), European Union Strategy for Baltic Sea Region (EUS BSR), Policy Area Education and participants from the Swedish Institute Baltic Leadership Program “Labour mobility”, was delivered to the ministries in advance.

The representatives defined the key areas of cooperation in the field of labour and employment  as follows:

Labour mobility: How to reduce brain drain? How can we “stimulate the brain circulation”?

Demographic challenges: How to handle and deal with senior policy and silver economy?

Knowledge supply: How can labour market forecasting, technological foresights and research help to tackle current challenges of the labour market?

Youth employment: How can we maximize opportunities for young individuals in the region? How do the labour markets and regions in Europe need to adapt to the youth’s needs?

Additionally, Bernd Hemingway, Deputy Director of the Council of the Baltic Sea Secretariat focused on migration issues related to the labour market, and highlight possibilities and challenges of the integration of migrants and people with special needs into the labour market.

Read the full adopted Declaration here.

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2 June 2015 Baltic Sea Labour Forum (BSLF) Enlarged Steering Committee Meeting & BSLFmobINIT Midterm Evaluation in Helsinki

On 2 June, 2015, the members of the BSLF Enlarged Steering Committee gathered in Helsinki for a discussion on the ongoing and future activities of the BSLF framework. The meeting was opened by Jurek Mieczyslaw from Solidarnosc, Poland, followed by a welcome speech by the host of the meeting, Chairman of the STTK, Finland, Antti Palola. They key topic discussed was mobility of labour in the Baltic Sea Region, with each country representative presenting an overview of current labour issues in each of the member countries. The group also reviewed the BSLF terms of reference and agreed to work further on expanding BSLF membership across the region.

Katariina Röbbelen-Voigt presented a status report on the EUSBSR seed-money project BSLFmobINIT. The aim of the project is to develop a BSLF-Flagship Project on Mobility of Labour in the framework of the EUSBSR. The work is currently focused on developing three work packages focusing on cross-border labour market information for employees and companies; prevention of undeclared work and the promotion of fair working conditions in the Baltic Sea Region; and vocational mobility, occupational orientation and school-business cooperation. The three work packages will be combined under a flagship consortium.

On 3 June the BSLFmobINIT project group gathered in Helsinki for the projects Midterm Evaluation, carrying on the discussions of the Enlarged Steering Group meeting from the previous day, as well as continuing work on the three thematic work packages of the project. In three workshop groups the partners laid out thematic plans as well as potential funding sources for each work package. The project will continue with a workplan development meeting in Gdansk on 18 November 2015, held back-to-back with the BSLF Annual Round Table.