Our Goal

Transnational Social Dialogue and regional co-operation in the Baltic Sea Region have reached a permanent status under the auspices of the Baltic Sea Labour Forum (BSLF). Our mission is to work together through social dialogue in order to promote fairness and competitiveness.

The core objectives of our work are:

  • finding joint solutions to commonly identified challenges
  • promoting transnational social dialogue, based on the responsibility of social partners for the development of labour market policies in the Baltic Sea Region
  • influencing policy- and decision-making in the field of labour market policies, e.g. by issuing joint opinions and recommendations
  • networking and exchange of experience between the social partners and political institutions in the Baltic Sea Region

You can read the first Memorandum of Understanding by clicking on the document below:
BSLF Memorandum of Understanding 2012-2013

The Baltic Sea Labour Forum strives at synchronizing its priorities with those of other stakeholders and strategies in the Baltic Sea Region, such as the Northern Dimension, the Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) and North-West Russia Strategy 2020.